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SRI's full range of fire fighting products are manufactured to international standards such as British standards (BS); European standards (EN); Australian standards (AS); Singapore standards (PSB); Underwriter Laboratories standards (UL); and Malaysian standards (MS).

SRI manufactures a comprehensive fire protection system which includes Hose reel equipment, Wet and dry riser equipment, Hydrant equipment, Fire extinguisher, Flow control equipment and Clean room agent system.

SRI's product portfolio is renowned for its quality, reliability and its continuous development of products.

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Features & Benefits

» ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ Comprehensive fire protection system

» ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ Wide range of approval including Setsco Services

» ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ Abiliity to customize products to client's specification

» ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ ‫‫‫ Technical support